With grid power rates increasing and cost of renewable generation approaching grid parity, DER(Distributed Energy Resources) sites with diverse equipment are being built. Use an NRGpilot™ portal for remote monitoring, control and maintenance. SmartGrid cloud technology enables cost effective portals to be custom configured and quickly installed. Internet access by browser with no software to install or maintain reduces operating costs.

  • NET METER: Savings, grid credit, green %
  • MICROGRID: TOU control, critical loads
  • STORAGE: battery charging, monitor
  • EV: control charge time, status
  • SOLAR PV: status, alarms, reports
  • SCADA: manage DG, V2G, peak shaving
  • Daily output email, reports, live status
  • Data log, lifetime data storage
  • Alarms, diagnostic tools
  • Browser access, no software
  • SMART Enterprise - manage portfolio
  • Generation, Grid, Use - power & energy
  • Verify utility charges & credits
  • Lifetime records to determine ROI
  • Alarms to ensure generation is working
  • TOU (Time of Use) energy control
  • Store renewable energy when surplus, use later
  • Grid power - Buy at low rates, consume when high rates
  • Standby power for critical loads during grid outages
  • Store renewable energy during low demand periods
  • Sell power to utility for peak shaving revenue
  • Standby power for critical loads during grid outages
  • Monitor battery conditions, change settings
  • Manage EV charging stations - monitor, bill, control
  • Fleet owners operating reports for analysis
  • G2V (grid to vehicle) TOU control for savings
  • V2G (vehicle to grid) sell energy to utility for revenue
  • Meet LDC SCADA requirements for connection
  • DG monitor and remote shutdown
  • Turnkey - design, build, program
  • Commissioning support for connection signoff
  • Solar PV status, power, energy, revenue, trend history
  • Fault alarms with diagnostic tools for O&M
  • Daily output reports, logs for troubleshooting
  • Download lifetime data for performance analysis
  • Download the NRGpilot brochure